Hi Susan,
I just thought you might like to see some recent pictures of our Mosey.  He is the best dog we ever could have imagined.  He is getting so big!
We took him to Dog Beach, in Hungtington Beach, for the first time and he loved it!   Hope you are doing well. 
The Jensen Family

Here are some pictures of past puppies and the new families they are with now. Thanks to all of you who have sent pictures! The dogs look different because they are different sizes and types. Click here to see what size and type is all about.
Laura and Geoff whith their new puppy Black Jack.
Tobey in his new home: Thanks Con,Jean and Mike.
Kayla in her new home: Thanks Jason!
Ranger in his new home. Thanks, Lisa
This is Ziggy in his new home: Thanks for the nice picture, Fred and Joan.  
This is Bella in her new home at Easter. Thanks, Karen and Ed
This is a new picture of CT on his one year Birthday! Thanks, Robert

This is CoCo in her new home. Thanks Deb and Jon.
Here is Connor with his new best friend Charlie. Thanks, Howard.
Lexi in her new home. She is an F1B Medium. Thanks, Patti
Here are some  new pictures of CT in action and posing for his Valentines photo and riding in the golf cart!
Thanks, Robert

This is Kona and I have his brother Peanut. Thanks, Nancy..
Sadie in her new home with her friend Buddy. Thanks Lana!
This is Tally in her new home. Thanks, Margie, Greg,Tim, Chris and Amy. She looks very happy!
Here is Charlie Doodle in his new home on his new chair.  He was adopted by a great guy named Paul. Thanks for giving him such a great home Paul!
I sent you an e-mail before Christmas.  I'm sending you the pictures of Tally
again - because I checked the website and it said your computer may have lost
some of the pictures that were sent.  We LOVE Tally and are having so much fun
with her!  She is adorable.  People always stop us and ask where we got her - I always give them you website address.  I hope all is well and happy holidays!  
Greg and Margie, and Tim, Chris, and Amy Wilson.

I would like to personally thank every one who has taken the time to send me pictures and e-mails to let me know how you and your new pups are doing. I am so glad to hear from everyone and to see all the dogs as they grow.  We take a lot of time with all of them and are so happy to see them go to their new homes as happy new members of some truly great families. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy meeting all of you and your families.  Other then raising the pups, its the best part of the job!  Below are some of the e-mails I have received over the past year.  Thanks again, Sue
.This is Lana Rasmusson. On 4th of July weekend I drove up with my daughter and granddaughter and picked up Sadie (you called her moustach).  She is now 7 months old and an absolute delight.  We couldn't be happier and our Buddy is just totally smitten with her - they are inseparable.  Sadie is as sweet as any pup can possibly be and very "girly" according to our son.  She is pretty much sugar and spice and our buddy is pretty much snakes and snales  .  .  .  They are both very precious to us and are just a blast.  Both are very social and wonderful with children.  We just had Sadie spayed and she is doing fine.  We are also taking her to obiedience classes at PetSmart.  She now weighs 21 pounds and expect she will not get over 25.  Anyway, she's beautiful and we love her tremendously.  Be assured she has a great life here with us and Buddy.  I have attached a picture of the two of them (she is the one standing up) and one of her alone.  Thanks for our Sadie and take care.  Sincerely, Lana
Hi :  We named our new puppy Hogan.  He's such a wonderful addition to our family. Growing like a weed!  We will send pics soon.  Getting ready to start a puppy socialization program, though not sure he needs it!  Many thanks, The Blumenfeld Family (from Westlake)
This is Max in his new home. Thanks, Tom
This is Bailey. Thanks, Rena and Jim

Charlie is doing very well and everyone thinks he is very cute, even people I meet on the street while I am taking him on walks.  He loves to play in the park with the big dogs and they are very good with him by making allowances for him as a puppy.  He is getting big enough, almost 40 b., so he can run with them.  He is getting new teeth and losing his puppy teeth.  Here is another picture.  Paul
This is  Brooke.  I got her from you right before X-mas in Dec 05.  Brooke's birthday is Oct 14, 05.  She is almost 1 1/2.  She is the BEST dog.  Very smart, gentle, obedient, eager to please, great with kids and teenagers, and very social with other dogs.  She was house broken on one week.  She only barks when some one she doesn't know is outside my house.  Here is a picture of her camping in Glamis Dunes with a sandy face from chasing tennis balls.
Kellie Duran
This is Brooke (Please see the e-mail to the right).  Thank you so much Kellie and I'm so glad you like her!  

This is a new picture Goldie, she is an F1 standard labradoodle. Thanks for the up date Rick, she looks really happy.

This is Remy. She is a multi-gen. Thanks, Betsy
This is Cricket she is a mini F1B. Thanks Laura and Scott please see e-mail to the right. See the next page for an updated picture of Cricket now at 4 years old.

Hope you’re well! 
Just checked out your site—the little pups are so cute!  Make me want another one…we’ll have to see, though.  I have given your name and website to a number of folks that I’ve met on our neighborhood walks that have inquired about where we got “such a beautiful puppy.”  Not sure if any of them are serious about getting a pup, but you never know.
In the meanwhile, I thought I’d pass on a great photo—Crick with Stick 2.  Scott took it a few weeks ago (at 4 months old) and it’s become a favorite.
Hope you’ve had a nice weekend,


Laura Lull

This is Boomer a  mini apricot and cream labradoodle. Thanks Jan and Larry 
I apologize for taking this long (6 months) to send you photos of the Labradoodle we obtained from you back in June. We have named her Bingo Marie - Bingo being suggested by our grandson and Marie was added because I like the combined name.
Bingo is a real joy. She is very playful - and will gladly play with anyone, any dog, or any other being who is will play with her.
She is also very intelligent and learns commands very well. Our friends are very impressed with how well she behaves. But when it comes down to it, she really enjoys being with my wife Jan and I.
The attached photos are dated as to when they were taken. (The papers you provided us with indicated her birth date as April 1, 2008.) The 11-22 photo was taken shortly before we took her to the groomer for the first time - she was well groomed for Thanksgiving. After her visit to the groomer, the brown rings around her eyes became quite visible (as can be seen in the 12-17 photo) and we also noted that she has long eyelashes.
Bingo is now just over 50 lbs. and is about 22-inches tall at the shoulders. From above, with her broad and strong sholders and hips, it is easy to see her Labrador Retriever heritage. From the side, her long legs and the build of her torso along with the shape of her head, the Poodle in her is readily aparent.
More photos to follow as she matures further.
Thank you for the wonderful pup.
Hope you have a great 2009.
Robert I Kutner, AIA
Here is a picture of  Whitney in action! Thanks, Kathy

Ahh.. Here is little Lucy taking a nap! Thanks, Cris

Whitney and Lucy live close to eachother and get to play together all the time. I am so happy for them and their great new owners.

This is Maximus a medium F1B: Thanks for the great pictures Venus.
This is Ella and her cousin Bracht.
just wanted to send you a picture of Ella and her cousin Bracht.  She is very happy and loves all other people and animals.

Bob and Dianne Souza 
Hi Sue,

My name is Dean Johnsen.  I bought a dog name Cody from you two years ago.
He's the best dog in the world who has won the hearts of my family and
friends.  He's doing great and is very happy.  We renamed him Nacho.  I've
attached a current picture (he's just had a haircut).

I have some friends that are looking for a dog and they just love Nacho.  Do
you have any and would you like me to forward this email address to them?


Hi Susan,

Sheri Morgan here. We got our beloved "Cooper" from you last April. He was the litter born Feb. 15th (although my kids prefer to think his birthday is Feb. 14th). He is such a great dog! Smart, fun and very personable. He trained easily and wished we had done more as he does some cute tricks that we took the time to teach and know that he could do more! I promised pictures and as it has only taken me 13 months...here you go. 
A Day late, but,

Happy Mother's Day Queenie!

Here's Rosie at 12 & 13 weeks! Fully part of the family; and as feisty as the rest. She has slept thru the night from 9pm to 6am right from the start : ) She's in puppy class and Loves other dogs- regardless of their size & temperament. She is nuts when there's people around- a regular party girl! We're teaching her to swim, at least to find her way out of the pool. All in all, she well adapted and loved!
I thought that we should send you an update on Stella.  She is the most fabulous dog in the whole wide world.  Pictures below are at 4 months and two weeks.  Top left is after her bath.  Top right is when she is dry and fluffy.  The lower picture is when she is fetching the ball.  She loves loves loves water and chasing balls.  She was completely housebroken at about 3 months and 3 weeks.  It seemed to happen overnight.  Stella loves other dogs and people and has the best disposition of any dog I have ever had.  She could be a little co-dependent, but I understand that this will change after the 5th month.

My only question of you is, do people cut the hair around their eyes?  I am afraid that she can't see, although there is no indication of that.

Anyway, thanks for getting us our dream dog.  She is fabulous.  Best regards, Carol, Lorraine and Stellaaa

Look @ this gorgeous dog. He's growing fast... wonder how big? Whatever size, he's unbelievably lovable smart and fun! Thanks for a great dog.
Alexandra Wagner Skin Care
1418 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, Ca 90291


You may remember that on the 4th of July 2007, Connie and I brought home the tiny little guy we named Rufus.  He continues to be a joy.  Attached is a photo taken a couple weeks ago at Rufus' 2 year birthday party.  Obviously he is a happy boy. 12 of his best friends were there to celebrate with him.  His buddy Cuba is barely visible at the right. Interestingly, and perfect for us, Rufus remains very small.  He weighs just 14 pounds.  Wishing you continued success.
Hi!  I'm sorry to have taken so long in sending a pic of Kirby.  He is 16 months old in this pic.  He just celebrated his 2nd birthday in a few weeks ago.
I cannot express to you how happy we are to have Kirby in our family.  He is the sweetest, best-natured dog.  Everyone who meets Kirby falls in love with him.  To know him is to love him, LOL!!!
I am so glad to have found you!
Sung Tse

Hi Susan,
We made it home and Mosey is settling in nicely....especially into our couch.  The girls played with him all day and we couldn't be more in love with him.  He and the cat are already getting along very well.  She is only 1-years-old and loved our Godfrey.  I think she is happy to have another playmate around. 
Thank you so much.  I will keep in touch.
Hi Susan,
Pearl sleeps in the crate at night upstairs in our bedroom along with our
retreiver (who just sleeps wherever she's comfortable).  Pearl seems to like
the safety and security of the crate for now.  When she is fully house
broken we'll transition from the crate but it will be her choice, we'll
simply leave the crate door open and leave it in the room until we know she
doesn't want to use it any longer.

Enjoy the pics - the other poodle-mix is our friend's dog - she comes over a
lot and these 3 dogs have such a good time together.

Don and Lisa Russell

Today is Whitney's first birthday so I have been thinking of you and all the joy you sent our way.  She is very smart, mischievious, playful and funny though not a cuddler.  She makes friends wherever she goes and likes everyone human or canine.  We spent the summer in Colorado and ran into several labradoodles but all were full-sized so she got a lot of attention.  We went to obedience school there and Whitney did well - I am the biggest obstacle to her being fully trained.  She and Lucy are best friends and sisters and play together a couple of times a week.  Lucy is much more mellow and has learned a few bad habits from Whitney, I'm afraid.  Cris sent me your video of your latest litters.  They sure are cute.  I can't believe she was that small.  We are celebrating the birthday with special treats, a long walk and a run through the sprinklers.  Thank you, Sue, for the gift of Whitney. Kathy
We got our dog Sophie from you in 2005. She was born Oct. 16, 2005 to Poofster and Sugar. Sorry it's taken me so long to write.  I just wanted you to know that here at our house we are all in agreement that she is the BEST DOG EVER and we are totally in love with her.
She loves hiking and swimming - I'm sending you a photo of her in the pool. She is friendly, loving and very obedient.

Anyway, thanks for our wonderful dog,
Tracey Hannel
Hi Sue,
I first want to apolgize for taking so long to email you about Max who was born April 2nd 2009. He is going to be 9 months next week and has been such a joy to Jackie and I. He is so well behaved and EVERYONE that sees him falls in love with him. I have been taking pictures since I picked him up and wanted to share them with you. 
Thank you again for everything 
All the best in 2010
Sam and Jackie
Sue,  Charlie continues to be a wonderful friend who is now a little over 3 years old.  I just took him to the vet last week for annual shots and checkup.  He got an A+ from the vet and his blood work was normal all around.  I have him on Interceptor to make sure he doesn't get worms of any kind and he checked out clear of any worms.  I take him on hikes on trails around here almost everyday and he is a great hiker.  We usually go 3 to 6 miles.  He has grown to 75 lbs. but the vet said he is a perfect weight.  I also have had him get rattle-snake shots, in case he ever gets bitten, because I let him off leash sometimes. 
He is very friendly with other dogs and people he knows but shy with new dogs and people which is fine with me.  He likes to chew and we still have to keep shoes out of his reach even though we have boxes of chews for him to work on.  The vet was impressed about the condition of his teeth and gums even though I don't brush his teeth.  He loves water in lakes and rivers to play in and go swimming to fetch sticks.  He also like mud puddles and will lay down in them when given a chance at the park or on the trails after a rain.  But he hoses off easily when we get home.  He is still a little boy and likes to wrestle with his dog friends.  He is a great traveler too.  He is fun to take places because he has so much fun.  I must have 500 pictures on my computer of him hiking and swimming in lakes around here and Mammoth Lakes.
He still looks much like the pictures you have on your web page. 
Regards,  Paul Lux 

Hi Sue,

now I have Kimba already about a year...
He is great!
He has always good mood and if I look at him, I must smile immediately. He is simply miraculous and very intelligent. He learns small tricks very fast. He is absolutely healthy, verry intelligent and everybody envies me him.
I am very happy that he has stepped in my life.
Here are some photos of him.

Lots of love from Germany

Melanie and Kimba
Hi Sue,
I've been wanting to send you pictures for some time of Karma (who is now 16 months old).  She's a wonderful and happy dog and she makes everyone who meets her happy too.  She LOVES to play ball and play with other dogs at the dog park.  She sees Cricket fairly often there and they recently went to Long Beach to play in the water.  Karma is training to be a therapy dog.  We'll let you know when she is certified.  
We also wanted to thank you for giving Karma such a good and positive start.  Nancy and Wayne Ferson
Karma the therapy dog
Hi Sue -
Hope you had a great Mother's Day!  Just wanted to send you a recent photo of Cali.  She is doing great!  I am working with a trainer, who also has puppy play dates - she is getting socialized with several other dogs - many two to three times her size.  She is really happy!  My girls are awesome at being responsible with her needs - they all enjoy a lot of cuddle time.  Her color is coming in really pretty!  Thanks for breeding a great dog! Elke
Cali Fedde
Hi Sue!

I wanted to let you know that we had Meimei (we adopted her on Jan. 9th, 2010) fixed.  I don’t know if you need a copy of the receipt or anything; but seriously, we never had any desire for her to have puppies and we had her fixed as soon as it was possible.  She is over the surgery and we had her stitches out, then we took her to the groomers (pictures attached).


We love our dog that we adopted from you, and so does everyone who meets her or sees her.  Everyone says how gorgeous she is!! 


Thanks for the wonderful puppy.  Hope all is well,


Gigi Blanche

Meimei Blanche
Kona at 1 year. Thanks, Terri
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