Labradoodles/Mini Labradoodle puppies in Southern California/Small breeder of Labradoodles.

Welcome to SouthernCaDoodles  
Home of the happy Labradoodle.
Located in Southern CA 

​We are proud to be a Labradoodle breeder in the Los Angeles area.
We can deliver Labradoodle puppies to the San Diego area. We are an easy drive from Arizon, Nevada or any part of Califronia. We also offer delivery service.
We have Labradoodles in all area of California. 
We also offer delivery service. Please fill out the puppy application and we will call you asap: 

We currently are sold out but should have some mini Labradoodles puppies in the near future. I will post pictures when they are born. They will be up to date on all shots and meds.  They will be  multigens (3rd generation) and will not shed and will be the most allergy friendly.They are trained to use the doggie door and know to go outside to go potty. They will also be trained not to jump or bite. Please fill out the puppy application and we will contact you asap. Parents of the puppies are on site and you can meet them. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Just click on the contact u
One of our beautiful multigen standard size Labradoodles
Dad of the pups above. He is a mini and is 25lbs. F1B non shedding and allergy friendly
Three mini multigen male Labradoodles
Mom and Dad of the mini Labradoodles
Parents of the mini puppies
You can meet the parents when you come to pick up your puppy. They are calm and well adjusted and so are their puppies.
This is Ms Fluffy. She has found her forever home now. Lucky girl! She is with a wonderful loving family! I posted this picture to show what a 5 year old multigen Labradoodle looks like.
Here is Bentley (cream mini male) with Jasper a medium size Labradoodle. They are both multigens and do not shed. Please fill out the puppy application for more info. 
Bentley is a mini Labradoodle pupy and is available now.
 A male mini apricot multigen Labradoodle puppy. This one is sold.
 A male mini cream multigen Labradoodle puppy. This one is sold.
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