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Hi Susan,
Keeping you abreast of Daisy. She is healthy and very active with interesting
little quirks:  Last night she woke me up scratching at the bed clothes   holding  her empty water dish in her mouth. I got the message.

She was spade last week with no ill effects. The problem was keeping her quiet for a few days. (Two days in town and the Humane Soc. was on my back.)

We go for long walks in the morning and ball playing in the evening. In between times she chews up everything in the house and keeps presenting me with her soggy toys which she has immersed in her water dish. (She's fixated on that water dish. I may need to get her a therapist.)

When she is not launching herself into the air with dog glee, she lies quietly at my feet, licking my bare toes and letting me know we're buds. So glad to have her in my life.
Miss Daisey and her frog. Thanks Liz, your stories are so great. You and Daisey always have so much fun!
This is Archie and he is now 1 year old.
Sue, thanks so much for the picture of Jolie as a puppy, I love it.

Here is a picture of Jolie after her first grooming.  Several of my friends put this up on their refrigerators so it is the first
thing they see in the morning.  It brings a smile to everyone.

You may always post any emails and pics I send.

Thanks again,

This is Lola after her walk on the beach. Thanks, Linda
Just wanted to thank you so much for enriching our lives with the adoption of "Wally" into our family.  He is now 4 months now & such a joy!  Just wanted to send you a picture & will keep in touch with you.
Chris, Sandy & Sammy Mudry
I'd love you to post a picture, he's a love. This is Murphy, thank you so much Catherine.
Hi Sue,
Hope you liked the pictures of “Murphy”. He just turned 2 in August. I cannot tell you what a joy he is,
I haven’t met anyone that hasn’t fell in love with him. He is such a cuddly and affectionate dog and just loves to play
with everyone, especially children. I couldn’t ask for a better companion.
Here's a new picture of Goldie at her favorite pond. She is a standard  Labradoodle. Thanks Rick for the update. 
Here is a new picture of Lucy and Vivian, thanks for the update Christina. They both look very happy. I am so glad to hear that Lucy is ok and that you found her! Thank God! 
Here is an update on Cricket. Here she is at 4 years old. Thanks so much Laura. she is beautiful!
Here is Cricket at 4 months old.
This is Captain at 1 and 1/2 years old. Thanks for the great picture and update Teresa.
Sure Sue, go ahead and use my pics and comments.  Molly and Rosie are both from SoCal Doodles, so share them both.  They are great dogs and absolutely love each other!!!  So much for me picking one that looked different than my other two, Molly and Sofia, who is a white with red highlights multi-gen out of Walkin Park in Washington state.  My three readheads are dolls - great dogs!
 Take care!
Jesse and Nicole's little Laddie
Jeannie's little girl Mollie at 1 year old.
Diana and Jon's girl Sienna
Here is Rosie at her graduation. She is top of her class for obedience. No more rocks for Rosie! Thanks so much to Joan and Ira for their tireless efferts and endless love!
Darby and Vicki: Darby just recently earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate. Vicki and I couldn't be happier with him. He is a very loving little guy and we are so happy that he is a part of our lives.Best, Jim K

Hi Susan,
We would love to see Toby on your web site. He had his first haircut yesterday and I'm attaching some more photos. He is absolutely the cutest, most lovable dog we ever had. You did a great job!! Thanks, Gisela and Ken
Thank you so much for sharing, Gisela and Ken.,Sue
Hi Susan,
Don't know if you remember us? We bought the labrodoodle that was born on July 3rd.
Just wanted to send you a picture and let you know what a jewel (OOBY) is. Couldn't have
asked for a better puppy. We weren't sure on the ride home though, Ooby threw up all the
way to Santa Cruz....but after that no problems. He has the best personality of any dog I
have ever owned. We a blessed to have him in are lives and we laugh everyday with his
silly antics. Thankyou for raising great dogs.
Doris Markham and Scott Wilaon
Hi Susan,
Thought you'd like an update on "the girl".  Cooper weighted in at 6 lbs 10 oz the week after she came home.  Vet gave a good check and all appears great.  Tons of energy.  We have her sitting, good at down and is progressing on the leash.  Long walks down by the bay help.  She sleeps generally all night long.  Actually really great.  She took to crate training and its not an issue .We have a tube she likes to run through which gives her exercise.  I've attached a picture of her at Christmas.  Thanks and yes I got the contract.  Will keep you posted from time to time.  We can't take her out without a crowd; she is loved by all.
David Henricks
Here is Cricket at 5 years old. See more at bottom of page.
Hi Susan

Just wanted to send you an update on Daisy. We picked her up from you. What a fabulous puppy she is!! Fantastic  temperament and a sweet cuddle-bug. Her and Lily are the best of buddies and sleep & play together all day every day. Here's a pic of them with their favorite toy "the balls". Thanks again, Lisa 

I just found my file on our AWESOME pup that we bought from you last year, so I can finally contact you!  We named her Sophie and words can't express what a true gem she is and what intense joy she has given us. No doubt she is spoiled and loved dearly. She is Sugar and Rusty's pup and we have kept to your protocol with the great food you suggested. We just want to thank you for such a wonderdog! Keep up the good breeding sista! Do you have any photos of Rusty and Sugar? I believe I have seen Sugar in photos, but her Dad is a mystery to us! Thanks again! With Love, The Wagman-Christian Family
I would be proud to have you post my e-mail.  I certainly could have said so much more.  Please feel free to add the following: 

“My mother, who is on hospice, really is the one who wanted a dog.  I had avoided the subject with her until one day when she brought it up with the Hospice nurse.  The nurse (who I thought would “poo-poo” the notion) said, “I think that would be marvelous!”  With that, my mom would not let me off the hook, and in two weeks, we adopted Rudy.  We have all heard how dogs actually help the elderly, but I can honestly say, I know my mom is still alive today and happy because of her love for Rudy, and his for her!  What a true gift and blessing he has been.”
Sue, he is truly the love of our lives!!!!  Can’t imagine not having him.
Take care, and who knows, one day I may be giving you a call so that Rudy can have a brother or sister!!!!!
Again, Many thanks,

Hello Sue,

 Happy 2014!  I hope you are doing well.

 Here's my annual email to you to tell you how Cricket is doing.  She is still a fun-loving, joyful, beautiful pup!  And she has a great personality!  We walk four times a day, sometimes five.  She has tons of friends that we see often including Karma Ferson (Karma will be 5 years old).  We will be celebrating Karma and Cricket's birthdays with some other friends next weekend at the dog beach in Long Beach.  Always a good time!  She loves to play with her toys, roll on the grass, chase butterflies, dig for gophers, hide her bones in the pots on our deck (luckily I stopped planting things in them!)  Just the other day, she carried a special stick all the way home and into the house, where she played with it and chewed on it for a few days, getting our carpet all full of small pieces of sticks.  (Even as a puppy, she never swallowed non-food items.)  As a friend said to me when we first got her six years ago, our family is complete because of her.

 This year's photos are of her progress eating a special treat that a friend brought over for her.  First, she played with it.  Then, she licked the frosting.  Then, she bit it into three pieces and kept licking the frosting. Finally, she ate a piece.  So there were two left.  And on it went over the course of five minutes.  She doesn't snarf down her food like some dogs do.  She's a funny, special creature!  I don't know what we'd do without her!

 Laura Lull and Scott Berrum
Bella and Boomer in thier golf cart. Thanks Jan
Lola on her special pillow at 5 months. Thanks, Sugar! 
Here is Wally at 4 months old.
Cricket at her 7th birthday party
Cricket and Karma running on the beach
She is doing so well....95% potty trained and seems very adjusted to her new digs! She is the delight of all and has lots of visitors stopping by to meet her. Her vet appointment went well - had another shot and in two more weeks another check up followed by a kennel cough shot. Then she will be ready to meet the world and her furry friends. Love, love her - such a happy little girl who is growing by the day. You did a great job getting her ready for her new family. Thank you! My best, Judy
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Thanks Judy, I look forward to some new pictures.
Happy Birthday Wishes to some former puppies!
Goldie is 10 years old today! Thanks Rick~
CT is now 11.5 years old now. Thanks Bob~ 
This is a new picture of Gus. He is 1 year old. Thanks Bob. He is beautiful!