Dear Tanner:

There are a few things I wanted to tell you. I know you are gone now but I still want to tell you what I feel.

I didn't mind it when you climbed on my desk and jumped out the front window, breaking the screen so you could chase the dog next door. It was ok cause we didn't really need that screen on the window. We don't really have many flys anyway.

I didn't even mind it when I came home to find that you had some how managed to lock yourself in the bathroom. You got yourself tangled up in a towel on the door and some how managed to pull the door off its hinges. It was ok cause we didn't need that door any way. Actually it made the area look bigger. 

I really miss that funny smile you would get on your face when you thought you were in trouble. I remember the first time I saw it. I laughed so hard that I forgot what you had done that was wrong! I wish I would have caught it on camera! You always kind of looked like Elvis. You were soooo funny!

But the real kicker was when you decided that you should be in the house because you thought some other dog was in there. Did you really need to dig a hole in through the front door? That was one thing we did have to replace but it was ok. The door is better now then it used to be.

The one thing I do mind is that you are gone and I miss you all the time. I wish more then anything you were here again!

I love you Tanner, You changed my life...all for the better.